Ever-Green Turf & Landscape

Ever-Green Turf & Landscape

Few Miami County business can boast the local flavor of Ever-Green Turf and Landscape.

In 1975, between semesters at Wright State University, Joe Duncan set foot on his first Miami County lawn as a technician, employed by mentor and fellow basketball official, Jim Sackett, founder of Ever-Green.

Ten years later Duncan assumed ownership of Ever-Green from Sackett, and for thirty six years, and thousands of lawn installations and applications, property owners around the Miami Valley received the personal service and relationship that signified Duncan’s commitment to those who appreciated the Ever-Green motto – quality and responsibility.

Now, the company has transitioned again, to the next evolution of ownership, and a commitment from president and general manager Kirk Persinger, a 17-year veteran of Ever-Green who grew up under Joe Duncan’s personal oversight to sales, service, and customer satisfaction.

“With so many customer options for service, there’s no other way than to be personally responsible, whenever possible,” says Persinger. “Now more than ever, it’s priority one with every client, residential or commercial.

“And even with Mother Nature’s unpredictable temperament, we still promise commitment to the adjustments necessary with each new growing season. There’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ in the lawn and landscape industry.”

Like with previous ownership, Persinger still promises the proverbial ‘Golden Rule’ with all business relations.

“We simply want your lawn and landscaping to look as good, or better, than our own,” he says. “Because we live here, and work here, we take pride in very lawn we service…beginning with yours!”

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