Trojan Water Hauling LLC

Trojan Water Hauling LLC
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Trojan Water Hauling specializes in filling swimming pools and hot tubs, but we can do so much more! Frac tanks, dust control, and even out of area or state work. You name it, we’ll fill it!

On top of water delivery service, Trojan Water Hauling is now proud to provide pool and spa cleaning services!

Residential Customers:
While we strive to always be timely, the nature of water hauling always invites the unforeseen. Our time frames are best estimates, but aren’t perfect (don’t worry, we’re NOT a cable company!) You will be informed if we will be more than an hour outside of our quoted timeframe. When we arrive, please make sure there is enough access for large hoses to reach. If we will need more than 300 feet (about a football field) of hose to reach the pool or any other container we’re filling, please let us know ahead of time. The best part? You don’t even need to be home in most cases!

Commercial and Construction Customers:
Trojan Water Hauling is available for commercial and construction bulk water customers too!. We can aid in dust control or any other bulk water needs. If needing water outside of the Northern Miami Valley, Ohio area, please allow up to a week for a custom estimate.

Industrial Customers:
Trojan Water Hauling can help with some industrial water needs as well! While we don’t have the ability to transport any specialized water or liquids (deionized, distilled, etc.), we can help with the needs of drilling or gas reclamation projects. Call today for a custom quote!

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