Registered Builder Program

What is the advantage to building with a Registered Builder?

Two important factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a builder. Does your builder have knowledge and understanding of the latest building practices, codes, and energy efficient building techniques? Do you have a place to go when you have a complaint and will your complaint be handled in an professional manner? The Home Builders Association of Miami County provides it’s builders with a continuing education program that is known for making sure their Registered Builders are up to speed on the latest techniques, products, building codes, safety measures and customer service. Secondly, the Home Builders Association provides a conciliation process for those times when normal communication breaks down between a customer and the builder. We have a contract with the Better Business Bureau to work with us to mediate any complaints that cannot be work out through the conciliation process.

Choosing A Builder
Building a home is the biggest investment you will ever make. Choosing the right builder is the most important decision you will make during the home building process. We want to help you through the process of choosing the right builder. You want to first make sure your are comfortable with your choice of builders. Think chemistry. You will be working with this person for many months while your home is bring built and even after the sale. Ask about things that are important to you. Do you want to include the most modern conveniences. How about quality workmanship and a knowledge of the most up to date building techniques? Does your builder keep up on the latest in energy efficiency and design. Does your builder maintain the highest ethical standards and do they provide timely service after the sale. Look at floor plans and talk about the home you want. How well does this builder listen. Are their suggestions and comments helpful and relevant. Are your questions answered clearly and completely. Ask about their experience. Ask for references. Ask if they offer a written warranty. Ask if they are a Registered Builder.

Why choose a Registered Builder?

Most of us know what to look for when selecting a doctor for our family. You get referrals, check references and check their professional credentials. If building a home is the largest investment you will ever make, shouldn’t you take the same care in researching the most qualified builder? When looking for an industry professional you want someone who:

  • Is up on the latest products, services and building techniques
  • Is associated with a network of other industry professionals
  • Is committed to furthering their knowledge through continuing education
  • Can provide a written warranty after the sale and stands behind it with a set of nationally recognized industry standards
  • Subscribes to a strict code of ethics

If these are qualities you are looking for, we have the builder for you. You are looking for a Registered Builder of the Home Builder Association of Miami County. As a member of the Home Builders Association of Miami County, Registered Builders also belong to the Ohio Home Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders. These organizations together combine to provide Registered Builders with an unmatched network of information on the latest products, trends and building techniques.

What is a Registered Builder?
A Registered Builder is a member of the Home Builders Association of Miami County who qualifies under specific criteria. The Registered Builder status is a professional designation achieved only through experience and a dedication to quality construction and continuing education. In order to become a Registered Builder an applicant must:

  • Have at least four years experience in the home construction profession.
  • Have demonstrated financial stability.
  • Have experience in on-site supervision.
  • Be devoted full time to the profession.
  • Provide both customer references as well as references from other their suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Must agree to several hours of continuing education annually.
  • Must agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of the Home Builders Association of Miami County.
  • Must agree to a conciliation and mediation process through the local Better Business Bureau in the event of an unresolved consumer complaint.
  • Must agree to provide a written warranty in conjunction with a nationally recognized industry standards manual.

All of these factors combined should provide you with an assurance that you are working with an experienced builder dedicated to building your dream home with an attention to quality and detail.